The object that stands out: beautiful, crafted, Italian


Each SLOWCRAFT item arises from the hands of the craftsman who personally takes care of its processing, assembly and finishing.

Its design is characterized by present-day shapes, sometimes innovative but still essential, always attractive in spite of the change of fashion and trends.

It is functional, ergonomic, made ​​with the aim of simplifying and, where possible, improving lives of men and women of today.

To produce the object, the artisan selects Italian materials, natural and of good quality, with traceable origins in order to guarantee resistance and maintenance of its physical features all along the time.

In this way the item due to quality of construction will be durable. If necessary, it can be repaired, and with a proper maintenance will promise a long life.

Non-toxic substances are used in the manufacturing process. There are none of toxic substances in the product itself and its components, so as not to harm the environment and protect the health of the craftsman who creates it and the person who uses it.

Its crafting process is predominantly manual, assisted by workshop tools only. It’s done with the techniques with a very low environmental impact, that produce little or no CO2 to contain air pollution.

The object is then packed with material in the quantities strictly necessary to ensure its integrity, while minimizing the waste of resources.