Ceramiche Valli Foto Profilo

Since 1971 the family Valli has been making ceramics. From the beginning they favoured mainly tableware of traditional forms, but in recent years, especially driven by the wake of the sons, Simone and Francesco, the business has expanded production with new features and forms. These new lines stand out for their freshness and originality of the design, like for instance their particular evaporative vases for small houseplants and home perfumes that exploit the properties of ceramic to spread the essences.

The pottery of Nove

Nove is a small Venetian town situated along the river Brenta. It is exactly this strategic position that favours the development of the ceramic tradition since the river favoured transportation of the material and allowed operations of the mills “to pound grind stones and colours for the pots”, or better for preparation of ceramic mixtures. It is for more than three hundred years that ceramics is produced in Nove; this allowed consolidating technical knowledge and skills in this area that have been handed down for generations.

Why we like them

We were delighted by the sober yet fresh and pleasant design that provides table and home with warmth and lightness. We appreciate the ability to develop new functions, reinventing classic shapes and creating modern objects embellished with cheerful, well calibrated colours. This effort to design new containers for plants looking both to their aesthetic value and improvement of their humidification functions is really noteworthy.

Creations of Valli Ceramiche

  • Region: Veneto
  • Processing area: Nove (Vicenza province), Valle del Brenta
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Origin of the material: Argil of Veneto