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Allegra Oval Bowl Valli Orange


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Artisan: Valli Ceramiche

 Processing area: Nove (Vicenza province), Valle del Brenta, Veneto, Italy

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An oval bowl made of glazed ceramic, tinted with bright colours to bring a wave of joy on your table.

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Product Description

Our ALLEGRA OVALE ceramic bowl is a versatile everyday accessory that has many uses on your table. It will serve as a salad bowl, a dessert cup or a plate for spaghetti. Its exterior is decorated with irregular lines of different colours that, the same as the name of the piece (“allegra” stands for “cheerful”), instil joy and gaiety. Its inner side is tinted with green, orange, yellow or purple, from which you can choose from depending on your taste or the dominant colour in your kitchen.

ALLEGRA OVALE ceramic salad bowl perfectly represents the philosophy of the family-type company Valli Ceramiche that always looks for new, nice, versatile and innovative solutions to be handcrafted using traditional techniques of the Venetian ceramic school. Valli Ceramiche, the Venetian maker of ceramics  and everyday use objects for the table and home, was founded more than 40 years ago with the intent to combine the craft’s traditions and needs of contemporary consumers. Over time, the company’s spirit has never missed its artistic drive and processing expertise, with which Valli Ceramiche creates various collections, from dishes and utensils for the table, diffusers of perfumed essences and decorative objects for special occasions.

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In every stage of processing of this piece, only natural substances are used without any solvents, other toxic substances or pollutants.



Available in two sizes

Small: 21 x 31 cm

Large: 40 x 26 cm


Other information

Oval ceramic bowl

Care instructions: ALLEGRA OVAL can be easily washed in a dishwasher. Avoid powder detergents that can damage its ceramic surface.