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AULOS MAGNUM – Sound Amplifier

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Artisan: Ecotono

 Processing area: Nove (Vicenza province), Valle del Brenta, Veneto, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A passive ceramic sound amplifier featuring a gramophone able to provide you with high-level acoustic experience and charming retro-style touch.

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Product Description

AULOS MAGNUM sound amplifier is a passive ceramic amplifier for your smartphone. This piece combines the best Italian design with functionality in order to improve and simplify your music-listening experience. It is a versatile item that will be well-suited to many home interiors and usage occasions.

At first sight, with its odd shape featuring an old gramophone, our AULOS MAGNUM passive sound amplifier for smartphone is a real design masterpiece with charming vintage touch. But did you know that it is also eco-friendly, doesn’t consume any electricity and can be easily placed where you want it to be?

Its shape is specifically thought to amplify and optimize at its best the sound coming out of a smartphone or IPod. The product material has been especially studied and developed in the way of making sound to vibrate to and from the ceramic surface. As result, the sound performance gets significantly improved thanks to the superabundance effect created. This type of ceramic can be shaped easily to amplify the echo effect that makes each sound 5 times louder than its original tune.

Give it a try also as hands-free speakerphone: just pick up the call and be impressed by its function!

This item makes part of the collection Eco Amply Passive by ECOTONO created by Valli Italian Creativity together with the designer Luca Centofante. The motto of this line is to create products that are innovative, sustainable and user-oriented. In spite of being very contemporary and advanced, these are still completely handmade products, with skilled artisans who produce piece by piece by hand, craft and tailor them, making each piece unique as the final user who will choose it.

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H 40 cm

Other information

Passive sound amplifier made of ceramic

Compatible with IPhone/IPod and other smartphones

Care instructions: wipe clean with soft, dry cloth.