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Artisan: reWooding

 Processing area: Val Curone – Ligurian Preappennino, Piedmont, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A wood decorative vase made from an old tree trunk and worked on lathe to unearth his natural beauty.

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Product Description

On the lake of Garda, due to the mild climate, olive trees grow healthy and lush. With their green-ash leaves, these trees cover and characterize hills here and a good part of the lake landscape, especially in the south-western part. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an olive tree gets sick and can’t be treated, so it just finishes its days. A piece of such a tree was cut to give birth to this poetic piece: CONO D’ULIVO wood decorative vase (that stands for “olive coin”). Rather than end up burned in a fireplace in the winter season, this olive tree is back to life in its new transformation! Its flower-like shape infuses a spring enthusiasm and, marked by holes and cracks, keeps the memory of the old tree inside.

The olive wood is characterized by its incredible hardness compared to other species, and a very strong and irregular grain that increases towards the top of the stem, creating unusual and imaginative designs.

It’s hard to see where the craft ends and where the art begins in the works of Massimiliano and Sergio, two friends-carpenters from Val Curone (Piedmont) who have set up their own laboratory, called reWooding, in the countryside. Similarly, it is difficult to understand if the magic of their objects is more due to their technical expertise and experience, or due to colours, fibre and forms that only nature can give birth to. We are confident, however, that their creations have their own soul able to attract us and provoke our most natural wonder.

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Olive wood

A really unique piece: Just the vase that you see on the picture is available!

In every stage of processing of this piece, only natural substances were applied without the use of solvents or any other toxic substances and pollutants.



Diameter 25 cm; height 19.5 cm

Other information

Wood Decorative vase

Care instructions: wipe lightly with beeswax, spreading it evenly with soft and non-abrasive wool cloth.