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Fiore EvaporatorPot Valli White

FIORE – Humidifier


Artisan: Valli Ceramiche

 Processing area: Nove (Vicenza province), Valle del Brenta, Veneto, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

An evaporative handmade ceramic vase for air humidification, at the same time acting as a lovely pot for succulents that find here their ideal habitat.

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Product Description

Often in winter, with the heating switched on, our homes are too dry, producing unhealthy effects for our skin and breathing. So in these cases we use water containers to be applied at radiators that humidify the air with an evaporation process. However, these containers are functional, but very often completely anonymous or decorated with patterns that do not suit the interior style of our home. 

With this FIORE vase humidifier by Valli Ceramiche, our problem has the solution: the functionality is combined with contemporary aesthetics, the essential one but very lovely! Moreover, thanks to its shape, this ceramic humidifier accommodates succulent plants that even more valorise the item and find here enough heat and humidity to guarantee their optimum growth. 

Our FIORE vase humidifier (that stands for “flower” in Italian) has a simple and romantic shape and, thanks to the available range of colours, can fit into any contemporary setting, while its white version is well suited for the most classic and elegant interior styles.

This object – that combines the functions of a humidifier and a plant pot – perfectly represents the philosophy of the family-type company Valli Ceramiche that always looks for new, nice, versatile and innovative solutions to be handcrafted using traditional techniques of the Venetian ceramic school. Valli Ceramiche, the Venetian maker of ceramics  and everyday use objects for the table and home, was founded more than 40 years ago with the intent to combine the craft’s traditions and needs of contemporary consumers. Over time, the company’s spirit has never missed its artistic drive and processing expertise, with which Valli Ceramiche creates various collections, from dishes and utensils for the table, diffusers of perfumed essences and decorative objects for special occasions.

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Ceramic; metal hook for fastening radiator; succulent plants and soil.

In every stage of processing of this piece, only natural substances are used without any solvents, other toxic substances or pollutants.



23 x 23 x 5.5 cm


Other information

Humidifier, evaporative vase

Care instructions: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. When necessary, wash the item with warm water and non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid powder detergents that can damage the ceramic surface.