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Artisan: reWooding

 Processing area: Val Curone – Ligurian Preappennino, Piedmont, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A wood decorative vase made from an old tree trunk and worked on lathe to unearth his natural beauty.

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Product Description

One day, a farmer watching his fruit trees, thought to try a new graft. “Why not try to combine apricot and almond?” he asked himself, and so he did. Honestly, we are not aware of what occurred and if that tree ever gave tasty fruits, but we know for sure that the particular veins of almond wood beautifully embellished the colour of apricot! Our INNESTI wood decorative vase has been created through the lathe processing of that proper trunk, which after its death was abandoned in a field. Found by carpenters of reWooding, it was cut and worked with a special technique, so called “by a natural edge”, to keep the rest of the rough bark on its perimeter. Since its surface had deep cracks that were ruining the vase continuity, it was “plastered” with the pouring of molten tin – a method that recovers and reinterprets the Japanese art “Kintsugi” to suit some specific finishing needs.

It’s hard to see where the craft ends and where the art begins in the works of Massimiliano and Sergio, two friends-carpenters from Val Curone (Piedmont) who have set up their own laboratory, called reWooding, in the countryside. Similarly, it is difficult to understand if the magic of their objects is more due to their technical expertise and experience, or due to colours, fibre and forms that only nature can give birth to. We are confident, however, that their creations have their own soul able to attract us and provoke our most natural wonder.

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Apricot - almond wood

A really unique piece: Just the vase that you see on the picture is available!

In every stage of processing of this piece, only natural substances were applied without the use of solvents or any other toxic substances and pollutants.


Diameter 23 cm; height 16 cm

Other information

Wood decorative vase

Care instructions: wipe lightly with beeswax, spreading it evenly with soft and non-abrasive wool cloth.