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KOSMO – Centerpiece

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Artisan: Mi piace by Artefare

 Processing area: Lecce – Salento peninsula, Apulia, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

An elegant centrepiece plate made of high quality Lecce limestone.

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Product Description

You won’t want to hide this graceful decorative centerpiece plate. In fact, you’ll want to put it front and centre—of your place setting or display, that is. The gorgeous texture of high quality Lecce limestone and natural opaque colour make it truly unique, and well-suited to add a little character to your small decorations.

KOSMO centrepiece plate will gracefully compliment your tableware with its beautiful patina finish and natural stone touch. Add your favourite pillars or decorations or let it stand alone over a coffee table or table for an elegant, gallery-like feel.

Each plate is handcrafted by knowledgeable artisans of Salento, made with natural limestone and free of solvents and other harmful substances.

This item makes part of the collection Mi piace by Artefare, the evolution of art and design expressed in Lecce limestone. This stone (in local dialect leccisu) is a kind of marly limestone spread throughout the province of Lecce (South-eastern-most Italy) and known for its easy of processing and particular expressive performance.

Massimiliano De Giovanni, a sculptor and designer from this south-eastern peninsular extension of the Apulia region, has been working local limestone for almost twenty years. Using artisan techniques, the local artist was able to make the most of the quality and versatility of Lecce limestone while creating this eclectic collection of unique, entirely handmade lamps and furnishing solutions.

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Lecce limestone.

Each item carries a natural print of the limestone slice it is made of. This natural motif makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Only natural materials were used to carve this lamp, free of lead and solvents.


Medium: D 18 cm

Large: D 35 cm

The dimensions are given as estimated because each piece is entirely handcrafted and unique, so small differences that result from traditional craftsmanship techniques are not contestable.

Other information

Decorative centrepiece plate

Care instructions: clean with a soft, dry cloth