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PENDOLO – Wall Clock


Artisan: Le pietre

 Processing area: Monleone di Cicagna – Val Fontanabuona, Liguria, Italy, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A minimalist-look wall clock featuring Roman typography, carved from the original Italian slate.

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Product Description

Bring a bold focal point to your industrial chic or minimalist home décor with this unique timepiece. The PENDOLO slate wall clock has a pleasingly quadrate shape, and features large numbers and hands.

The rich structure of stone gives it the charm of a valuable natural chic. Use this piece as an interesting focal point in your office, classroom or kitchen. Enhanced by the dense structure of stone, it represents a warm and inviting complement to any interior. Arched edges and rich charcoal colour turn a simple geometric shape into something spectacular.

This slate wall clock is carved manually by a skilled craftsperson from the stone of the Valley Fontanabuona, Liguria (Italy). This area is by time characterized by the presence of rich slate quarries; while “those artisans of Val Fontanabuona” are considered to be the best out of craftsmen working and processing this valuable black stone. The craftsmen of the valley Fontanabuona, situated in the province of Genoa and famous for its rich slate quarries, can boast of the region’s long traditions in extraction and processing of this valuable material. Their skilful hands perform any kind of working with precision, care and real craftsmanship quality, creating delightful pieces of tableware and home décor from this famous black stone of Liguria.

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Original slate from Val Fontanabuona (Liguria, Italy), quartz clock movement.

Only natural materials were used to carve the clock face.

Each clock carries a natural print of the stone slice it is made of. This natural motif makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Finish “a spacco” (by splits): a raw stone surface with small irregularities (some differences among pieces in shape, surface or colour may occur due to manual processing and properties of the natural material used, and these are not contestable).



L 32 x H 32cm, th. 3 cm

The dimensions are given as estimated because each piece is entirely handcrafted and unique, so small differences that result from traditional craftsmanship techniques are not contestable.

Other information

Slate wall clock for indoor use

Requires a 1.5V AA battery (1pc, not included)

Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home (not included).

Care instructions: The dark matte appearance and the raw surface of this piece naturally hide fingerprints, smudges and dirt, so it's easy to maintain. It's also a breeze to clean using a clean soft cloth, warm water and a mild household detergent.