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PIETRA – Decorative Bowl


Artisan: Alfredo Gioventù – Opificio ceramico

 Processing area: Sestri Levante (Genova province), Ligurian Riviera, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A unique ceramic decorative bowl adorned with white circular lines, completely handmade by a skilful Ligurian artist-craftsman. 

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Product Description

PIETRA decorative bowl is designed to surprise you with its fragility and delicacy hidden under its stone-like appearance. Add a few faux florals or your favourite small decorations or just let it stand alone over a table for an elegant look.

Inspired by cobbles of the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea (pietra stands for “stone” in Italian), this decorative bowl will fill you with sweet memories of your last summer vacations. Its white opaque lines painted by hand turn a simple geometric shape into something really graceful and marvellous. Enhanced by the dense stone-like structure, this piece is capable to enrich your living area with natural chic and rustic touch. Looking at this stone-like bowl you’d never say it is light as a feather. In fact, made of lightweight special ceramic (porcelain gres), these bowls appear more real stones but their actual identity is delicate and fragile.

Alfredo Gioventù invented a special ceramic material that mimics the pebbles of Ligurian beaches. Together with Daniela Mangini, he designed and crafted this unique collection called Sassi that literally stands for “stones”. Their activity at the studio Alfredo Gioventù – Opificio ceramico, founded in 1998, where these ceramic stones are handcrafted, testifies one of the ways how to transform aesthetic features of their terra into art, design and home décor items.

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Ceramic (Porcelain Gres) made with Italian clay and sand

Each bowl is completely handcrafted and hand-painted; every piece is one of a kind.

Only natural materials were used to craft this bowl, free of lead and solvents.



W 28 x L 23 x H 9 cm

The dimensions are given as estimated because each piece is entirely handcrafted and unique, so small differences that result from traditional craftsmanship techniques are not contestable.

Other information

Ceramic decorative bowl


Care instructions:. clean using a soft cloth, warm water and a mild household detergent.