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STOCK – Stool


Artisan: Ecotono

 Processing area: Nove (Vicenza province), Valle del Brenta, Veneto, Italy

Delivery: within 3 weeks

A multiuse stool made of ceramic and wood, for those who appreciate the combination of design and functionality.

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Product Description

Organize your stuff in the living room and conquer the clutter! Make organization a snap with this easy, done-in-a-minute storage solution and refined home décor accessory.

STOCK stool – container will be well-suited to many home interiors and usage occasions. It is a multiuse item that allows you to have your stuff in order. Elegant and basic, it gives your home a touch of style. Without lid it can be used as a magnum ceramic container to hold your flower compositions in a very impressive way.

This item makes part of the collection Simply by ECOTONO created by Valli Italian Creativity together with the designer Luca Centofante. The motto of this line is to create products that are innovative, sustainable and user-oriented. In spite of being very contemporary and advanced, these are still completely handmade products, with skilled artisans who produce piece by piece by hand, craft and tailor them, making each piece unique as the final user who will choose it.

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Ceramic, wood



D 42; H 35 cm

Other information

Multifunctional stool - container

Care instructions: wipe clean the wooden cap with a soft, dry cloth. The ceramic body of the stool might be cleaned with soft, non-abrasive cloth moistened with water. Avoid harsh detergents and dust that could damage the ceramic.